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Rugs - Care Tips

Area rugs tend to be placed in high-traffic areas of the home, making them more susceptible to wear.

- remove or clean footwear before walking on rugs
- lightly vacuum as often as possible to remove surface oil and dirt
- deep vacuum rugs weekly, preferably using a machine that has a beater bar for more effective dirt removal and avoid vacuuming the will get caught
- every few years, depending on how much traffic the rug recieves, have it professionally cleaned
- use a quality rug pad underneath and choose the correct pad depending on the surface your rug is sitting on, be it wood or carpet...the non slip surface will protect both the rugs and yourself
- move rugs or furniture around periodically so that wear patterns don't develop as a result of regular crushing of the pile
- try to avoid placing rugs in direct sunlight
- if rugs are placed near a fireplace, use a fireplace screen to catch errant sparks before they can do damage

Though many rugs are treated with soil and stain protection, this makes them resistant to stains, not stain-proof. When a spill occurs: 

- NEVER EVER rub a spill...this will push the spill further into the carpet and can lead to matting of fuzzing of the rugs surface
- blot up wet stains immediately with a dry, clean white towel
- other spills should be scraped up with a spoon or vacuumed up right away according to the type of material spilled
- then follow the cleaning instructions given for your particular carpet


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